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The Center’s research team is composed of faculty members, research fellows and PhD candidates, with experience and expertise in the fields of research and education. The Center’s people own various publications in scientific papers and journals, they have participated in research programs and they have conducted educational and business seminars. More specifically, members of the team are: Professor Andreas Nikolopoulos, Research and Teaching Fellow Ilias Kapoutsis, Researcher Ioannis Blatsos as well as PhD Candidate-Researcher Christos Tsagklis…





The Center's research agenda examines issues of conflict management, negotiations, industrial relations, organizational policy and justice and influencing behaviors at workplaces. For more information on the main research projects conducted by the Center’s research team the previous years, please click below…




The Center and its people intend to intensify by any means the efforts in order to become a reference point and center where knowledge concerning conflict management, negotiations and industrial relations is produced through continuous research, in Greece as well as abroad. Four actions can help to achieve this goal… 





Professor, Director of the Department of Business Administration

76 Patission Str, Athens, 104 34, Greece

Telephone Number: (+30)2108203342 Fax:(+30)2108237789

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Andreas Nikolopoulos is a Professor of Industrial Relations and Conflict Management at the Business Administration Department of the Athens University of Economics and Business. His studies include a BA in Business Administration from the Athens University of Economics and Business, Postgraduate studies in Tübingen and Berlin, where he got a PhD in Business Policy.
Since 1992 is active as a Mediator and Arbitrator of the National Organization for Mediation and Arbitration. During this time he handled 190 cases with a high percentage of successful outcomes (signing of a collective agreement).
He has been also a consultant for Industrial Relations, Conflict Management and Negotiations for several organizations and businesses (both public and private). His research interests focus in the: Conflict Management, Negotiations, and Industrial Relations.

Selected Publications:

  • Nikolopoulos, A. (2011) "Negotiating Strategically: One versus All", Palgrave Macmillan, Houndmills, United Kingdom.
  • Kapoutsis, I., Papalexandris, A., Nikolopoulos, A., Hochwarter, W., Ferris, G. (2011). "Politics Perceptions as Moderator of the Political Skill - Job Performance Relationship: A Two-Study, Cross-National, Constructive Replication". Journal of Vocational Behavior. Vol 78(1). pp. 123-135.
  • Nikolopoulos, A. (2009) "One against Many", Patakis, Athens, Greece (published in Greek)
  • Kapoutsis I., Nikolopoulos, A. 2008. "Political Decision Making: Development of an Integrative Framework". European Group for Organizational Studies Conference (2008) in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
  • Societas Europeas: Implications and Consequences for the National States and the EU, Edited by: A. Nikolopoulos, M. Gold, N. Kluge, Peter Lange, Brussels 2007.
  • Nikolopoulos, A. 2002. "Measuring emotional conflicts and cooperation in personnel management's decision making, International Journal of Management and Decision Making", 3, 337-352.
  • Νikolopoulos, A. 1995. "Planning the Use of Power: An Episodic Model, International Journal of Conflict Management", 6 (3), 257-272.
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