Professor, Director of the Department of Business Administration

76 Patission Str, Athens, 104 34, Greece

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Andreas Nikolopoulos is a Professor of Industrial Relations and Conflict Management at the Business Administration Department of the Athens University of Economics and Business. His studies include a BA in Business Administration from the Athens University of Economics and Business, Postgraduate studies in Tübingen and Berlin, where he got a PhD in Business Policy.
Since 1992 is active as a Mediator and Arbitrator of the National Organization for Mediation and Arbitration. During this time he handled 190 cases with a high percentage of successful outcomes (signing of a collective agreement).
He has been also a consultant for Industrial Relations, Conflict Management and Negotiations for several organizations and businesses (both public and private). His research interests focus in the: Conflict Management, Negotiations, and Industrial Relations.

Selected Publications:

  • Nikolopoulos, A. (2011) "Negotiating Strategically: One versus All", Palgrave Macmillan, Houndmills, United Kingdom.
  • Kapoutsis, I., Papalexandris, A., Nikolopoulos, A., Hochwarter, W., Ferris, G. (2011). "Politics Perceptions as Moderator of the Political Skill - Job Performance Relationship: A Two-Study, Cross-National, Constructive Replication". Journal of Vocational Behavior. Vol 78(1). pp. 123-135.
  • Nikolopoulos, A. (2009) "One against Many", Patakis, Athens, Greece (published in Greek)
  • Kapoutsis I., Nikolopoulos, A. 2008. "Political Decision Making: Development of an Integrative Framework". European Group for Organizational Studies Conference (2008) in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
  • Societas Europeas: Implications and Consequences for the National States and the EU, Edited by: A. Nikolopoulos, M. Gold, N. Kluge, Peter Lange, Brussels 2007.
  • Nikolopoulos, A. 2002. "Measuring emotional conflicts and cooperation in personnel management's decision making, International Journal of Management and Decision Making", 3, 337-352.
  • Νikolopoulos, A. 1995. "Planning the Use of Power: An Episodic Model, International Journal of Conflict Management", 6 (3), 257-272.
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