Industrial Relations

The research in the field of Industrial Relations is focused mainly on the following subjects: 1. Evolutionary Trends of the Greek Model of Industrial Relations 2. Research on the Relationships among the Social Actors 3. Mediation and Arbitration


Conflict Management and Negotiations

Conflict Management and Negotiations are examined in two levels: 1. Theoretical approach to the subjects and creation of models for conflict handling and for negotiations. In this level we examine such aspects as: i. The behaviour of the parties involved in a conflict or a negotiation. ii. The determinants for the adoption of a negotiating or a conflict resolution strategy. 2. Implementation of the above theoretical knowledge for the resolution of collective disputes.


European Union

The research regarding the influence of the European Union in industrial relations includes two major fields: 1. The influence of the EU policies, mainly through its Regulations and Directives, in European industrial relations 2. The influence of the Greek model of industrial relations by the EU policies. Specifically, our research is focused on the issues of information, consultation and workers’ participation, on EWCs and on the European Company (SE).

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